About Us:

The Studio is a cozy, multi arts community centre located in Cooke Town, Bangalore.

The space is envisioned as a platform to connect and create meaningful relationships as a community, by engaging in various artistic pursuits and allied activities.


We believe in creating an environment to foster communication between individuals from various disciplines; to share experiences and knowledge about creativity, performance, lifestyle, health, fitness and also to engage in social activities like movie nights, board games open mics, live jams and a discussion forum to address various concerns.


Hire The Studio:



Rental Model


4 hours Package

Rs. 2250 per hour

To be consumed within a month


8 hours Package

Rs. 2000 per hour

To be consumed within a month


12 hours Package

Rs. 1750 per hour

To be consumed within a month


16 hours Package

Rs. 1500 per hour

To be consumed within a month


20 hours and more

Rs. 1350 per hour

To be consumed within a month


Revenue Share Model for workshops and Classes

Applicable for monthly fees of Rs. 3000/- (or over) for 4 or 8 classes for 4 weeks

60:40 Ratio

60 to the Artist & 40 to 'The Studio'


Revenue Share Model for art exhibitions and performance showcases

On total collections

60:40 Ratio

70 to the Artist & 30 to 'The Studio'


For special pricing to NGOs, Counsellors, Dance groups, Theatre groups for non revenue-generating activities please email us on reachthestudio@gmail.com


Terms & Conditions

Additional cost of Rs. 400/- per hour incase AC is to be used

No cancellations and no refunds will be encouraged once studio is booked.

All payments for studio rentals to be paid in advance on the 1st of every month.

PLEASE NOTE: 18% GST is applicable

A formal agreement will have to be entered into between the instructor/Facilitator/Artist and THE STUDIO

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Address: 6, Wheeler Rd Extn., Cooke Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560005
Call +91 98807 72572 or Email reachthestudio@gmail.com